Hands & Feet Casting


How long is the appointment?

It shouldn’t last much longer than 45 minutes. The mould taking process itself is very quick, taking less than a minute for each hand and foot.

What should my baby wear?

I take great care to ensure your baby’s clothing isn’t marked in any way. However, whilst some babies are so fascinated by what’s going on, they don’t move a muscle, others are determined wrigglers! You won’t be surprised to know the casting material is tough to remove from clothing, so, ditch the designer wear and go for a not-brand-new item which can be slipped off easily and won’t cause any grief if wriggling should arise.

When will my casting be ready?

It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks to make your bespoke casting, so I would suggest making your appointment in plenty of time if it’s a gift that’s required on a specific date.

What age is best for the casting?

If you’re planning to have both hands and feet done, it’s best to wait until your little one is at least 4 weeks old. New-borns tend to have their fists tightly closed, so you’ll get a far better impression once this phase is passed. The best time is probably between the ages of 4 to 9 months.

How delicate is the finalised casting?

I always suggest handling your casting the same way you handle your baby. Treat it gently and avoid dropping!

Do you offer discounts?

I’m afraid we aren’t able to offer any discounts, although we do from time to time have special offers. I’m well aware though that these early days can be expensive (not that it gets less expensive as they grow!) so, if it suits you better, you can pay for your casting in 3 monthly instalments.

Gift Vouchers

Should a friend or relative ask what they can buy you as a gift, we do have vouchers available and we generally find the gift-giver is delighted to buy or contribute towards a present which will last far longer than a Babygro!