Hands & Feet Casting

The Way We Work

mishi baby memoriesOnce you’ve made your appointment, we’ll send you an email with all the details you’ll want to know, including suggestions as to what would be most comfortable for your baby to wear. Appointments usually last around forty-five minutes and casts are taken with a natural product extracted from seaweed, so it’s completely safe for your baby’s skin. Our carefully sought product suppliers are experts in their field and, in fact supplied all the materials for the Harry Potter films.

The mould-taking process is very quick, less than a minute for each hand and foot and completely comfortable for your baby. It’s worth noting though, that whilst some babies take it completely in their stride, others are (understandably!) a little suspicious as to why a lady they don’t know, wants to put their hand or foot into something squashy, but a cuddle with mum usually puts their mind at rest.

mishi baby memories After the cast has been taken, we’ll have a chat about the engraving you’d like. Once completed, the casts take around 4 – 6 weeks before they’re ready for collection. If they are presents and needed on a specific date, don’t forget to factor in this delivery time, when making your appointment.

If you’re having a photograph framed with your casting, don’t forget to bring along a 6 x 4 cm portrait of baby that you love, so this can be included with the casting and framed. Don't panic if your photo isn’t ready on the day of your casting – I’m a mum too, and know just how tricky it is to pick a favourite shot - but you can take your time as long as you can get the photo to me within three weeks of your casting whilst it and the frame are still being worked on. If you post your photo, please package it so it won’t get bent along the way.